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Ranch Dressing & Other Coping Mechanisms: August 13-29

square product theatre kicks off its 10th Season with the World Premiere of Kelsie Huff’s Ranch Dressing & Other Coping Mechanisms, presented in the Carsen Theater at the Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder, August 13-22, 2015 and at Buntport Theater in Denver, August 27-29.

While hiding in a crusty bathroom stall, Huff reflects upon her hilarious and troubled history with booze. Ranch Dressing & Other Coping Mechanisms follows Huff’s childhood struggles - from imaginary sharks in the bathrooms of her youth, to a violent encounter with Santa Claus - and builds to adult anxieties, including colorful, tiny underwear and road trip games gone horribly awry. Bouncing back and forth between the past and the present, Huff’s trademark storytelling style leads the audience through a maze of loud mouth characters, insane family antics, and raw revelations. Using her unique comic voice, Huff presents an America in which vice is a part of life, violence is nonchalant, and the biggest challenge is learning to accept who you are.

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