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Teaching Experience 

I have more than a decade's worth of teaching experience at the College/University level, and have taught a variety of courses, in addition to directing theatre productions, at Universities and Colleges in the United States and abroad. As an experienced teacher at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, I am qualified to teach a wide range of courses, from literature courses based in history and context, to more experientially oriented coursework in directing, acting/performance, and the creation of original work. Further, my background as a producer and creator make me an ideal candidate for teaching students the practical elements of producing and marketing original work, increasingly important skills in today’s climate. I believe in the integration of critical theory in the creative process, encouraging students to think critically about the work they’re engaging with and making.














Concord Floral by Jordan Tannahill                                                                                    44 Plays for 44 Presidents by The Neofuturists

Romano Theatre, 2023                                                                                                           University Theatre, 2016

Hamilton College Dept. of Theatre                                                                                       University of Colorado Boulder Dept. of Theatre & Dance/sq product




Hamilton College, Department of Theatre, Clinton, New York: Assistant Professor


  • THETR100 Introduction to Making Theatre (Spring 2023 and Spring 2024)

  • THETR201 Acting Styles: Theatricalism and the European Avant-Garde (Fall 2022 and Fall 2023)

  • THETR204 Collaborative Playmaking (Fall 2022 and Spring 2024)

  • THETR241 Theatre for Social Change (Spring 2024)

  • THETR307 History of Theatre (Spring 2023)

  • THETR398 Production and Performance (Fall 2023)

The University of the South, Department of Theatre & Dance, Sewanee, Tennessee: Visiting Assistant Professor

2021-22 Academic Year

  • THTR112 Elements of Performance (Fall 2021)

  • THTR221 Theatre History (Fall 2021)

  • THTR302 Special Topics: Professional Development for the Artist (Spring 2022)

  • THTR345 Devising Lab: Theatremaking for the 21st Century (Spring 2022)

  • THTR351 Fundamentals of Stage Direction (Fall 2021)

  • THTR431 Projects in Performance (Spring 2022)


Whitman College, Department of Theatre & Dance, Walla Walla, Washington: Visiting Assistant Professor

Fall 2018; 2019-20 Academic Year

  • THTR125 Beginning Acting 1 (Spring 2020)

  • THTR235 Medieval, Renaissance England and Early Modern European Theatre (Fall 2018)

  • THTR330 Playwriting (Fall 2019)

  • THTR332 Rehearsal and Performance (Fall 2018 and Fall 2019)

  • THTR372 Modern European Theatre (Fall 2019)

  • THTR373 Theatre of the United States (Spring 2020)

  • 5-part workshop series: Professional Life: A Career in the Arts (non-credit) (Fall 2018)

Brunel University London, Theatre Programme, London, UK: Visiting Lecturer

2017-18 Academic Year

  • DR1601 Acting 1: Essential Skills (Fall 2017)

  • DR1602 Playwriting 1 (Fall 2017)

  • DR1604 Ensemble Production (Spring 2018, intensive term)

  • DR1610 Directing 1 (Winter 2018)

  • DR1614 How to Read a Play (Winter 2018)

  • DR2601 Acting 2: Beyond Naturalism (Fall 2017)

University of Colorado Boulder, Department of Theatre & Dance, Boulder, Colorado: Lecturer

2007-17 Academic Years; Spring 2019; Fall 2020

  • THTR1003 Introduction to Acting (17 sections between Fall 2007-Fall 2020)

  • THTR1009 Introduction to Theatre (9 sections between Fall 2009-Fall 2015)

  • THTR2021 Global Theatre 2: Forms of Modern Theatre and Drama (Spring 2019)

  • THTR3033 Acting Practicum (Fall 2016)

  • THTR3053 Acting 2 (Spring 2011 and Spring 2017)

  • THTR4021 Development of Theatre 4: American Theatre and Drama (3 sections between Spring 2012-Fall 2014)

  • THTR4041 Playwriting (Fall 2011 and Spring 2016)

  • THTR5051 Graduate Special Topics: Playwriting (Spring 2016)

Naropa University, School of the Arts, Boulder, Colorado: Adjunct Associate Faculty


  • COR115 Writing Seminar II: Art of the Scholar: Coming of Age in America (Spring 2013)

  • COR115 Writing Seminar II: Art of the Scholar: The American Dream for the “Other” (Fall 2011)

  • COR115 Writing Seminar II: Art of the Scholar: History of the Avant-Garde (Spring 2011)

  • PAR340 Performance Studies: Contemporary Performance (Fall 2012)

  • PAR400 Building a Career in the Arts for the 21st Century (Fall 2012 and Fall 2014)

  • MUS490 Special Topics: Performance Intersection - Sound/Theatre/Text; co-taught with Janet Feder and Dr. Sara Veglahn (Fall 2009)



Everything was   Stolen  .                                

Antonin Artaud Theatre, 2018                                                                                            

Brunel University London Theatre Programme, London, UK

Additional Teaching Experience:

Guest Artist/Lecturer, College of Visual and Performing Arts, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, Colorado

  • THEA275 Stage Movement 1 (two week residency, Fall 2015)

  • PVA210 Introduction to Arts Entrepreneurship (Spring 2015)

  • THEA241 Seminar in Theatre Arts Management (Spring 2014 and Spring 2015)

Guest Artist/Lecturer, Department of Theatre and Dance, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado

  • THTR3053 Acting 2, Spring 2016

  • THTR4085 Theatre Management, Spring 2015, Spring 2014, Spring 2013

  • THTR3149 Professional Orientation: Exploring Professional Potentials for Theatre Majors (Fall 2012, Fall 2013, Fall 2014, Fall 2015, Fall 2016)

  • THTR4193 Studio Five: Creating an Ensemble (Fall 2010)

  • THTR6041 Modern European Drama (Spring 2008)

  • THTR4051/5051 Women & Theatre (Spring 2008)


Guest Faculty, Music Department, Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado

  • Production and Marketing Workshop (Fall 2010 and Fall 2012)


Guest Faculty, BFA Performance Program, Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado

  • Production and Marketing Workshop (Fall 2009)

  • Scene and Script Analysis Workshop (Fall 2007)

  • The Business of Performance Workshop, co-taught with Gleason Bauer (Fall 2006)

  • Meisner Technique Workshop (Fall 2005)

  • Script Analysis Workshop (Fall 2005)

  • Marketing and Public Relations Workshop (Fall 2005)

Teaching Assistant, School of Media and Performing Arts, Savannah College of Art & Design, Savannah, Georgia

  • MPRA 210 Voice and Movement I (Fall 2003, Karla Knudsen, instructor of record)













The Revolutionists by Lauren Gunderson                              

Proctor Hill Theatre at the Tennessee Williams Center, 2022                                                                                            

Theatre/Sewanee, Sewanee, Tennessee




"In both classes I took with Professor Emily K. Harrison, I had the utmost privilege and pleasure to learn about plays that were outside the box. As an International student from Kenya, Professor Emily was willing to slow down in class to explain terminologies and slangs that I was not aware of because of my cultural upbringing, which was way different from the American culture. Professor Emily even shared with me other books outside class and this was such a lovely gesture that not every professor does for their students. This showed her willingness to easily and genuinely interact with every student from different backgrounds without any biases. Her teaching style and outside conversations were aligned with her respect for each of her students. Learning under her expanded my cultural knowledge and taught me strategies of thriving in a different environment. Lastly, I was amazed by her willingness and utmost support during my application for study abroad during the summer. She guided me on how to improve my essays and resumes even during a pandemic when everyone was going through a lot. She also went out of her way to make me feel present, welcomed and loved. I will forever be indebted for her respect, understanding and supportive character towards me during a challenging time in my life."


Sylvia Adome

                                                            BA Theatre and Economics, 2022; Watson Fellow

                                                            Whitman College



"Emily was that one professor in the theatre department who I knew I could trust with anything, and who would have my back. I always felt respected by her, and like she took my opinions and ideas seriously. This was reflected in her theatre history and playwriting classes, where she fostered a safe environment of collaboration and attentiveness to all voices in the room, leading to rich discussions. I appreciated how her playwriting class felt accessible to all levels of writers because of her ability to meet each student where they were at and make space for them to draw out their own unique style. Her course material always felt relevant both historically and currently, as she chose a wide variety of texts and works, and her personal connection to much of the material as a present-day theatre maker brought both a level of practical applicability and an infectious emotional investment. I especially appreciated her extensive inclusion of diverse works and cutting edge theatre, which opened my eyes to the infinite ways theatre can be done and what it seeks to accomplish."


Ryn Goldsmith Zucker

BA Theatre, 2022

Whitman College


"In every class I’ve taken with Emily, every single student (including non-majors) has always remained interested and  engaged. I have taken so many classes at Whitman in which non-majors have to take a class for distribution credits, yet Emily’s classes are – without exaggeration – the only ones I’ve taken in which the non-majors are equally engaged and interested in scripts and material that sometimes has the potential to bore even those of us who love theatre. Emily makes sure to find ways to incorporate women, queer people, and BIPOC voices into classes that could easily be dedicated to dead white men. Emily was also the director for the first show I scenic designed, and any potential stressors that came with being in that position were constantly put at ease throughout the process of working with her. That show ended up becoming the best production experience I’ve had to date, and was honestly the collaboration I needed to bring me back from personal and academic burnout." 


Jay Tyson

BA Theatre, 2021

Whitman College

MFA Candidate, Design for Theatre and Entertainment 2025

University of California Los Angeles, School of Theatre, Film, & Television

"Working with Emily my senior year as a student in Playwriting and Modern European Theatre as well as in production on Ripe Frenzy (2019) gave me a new dimension to my education. She listens to all her students and gives everyone an opportunity to develop their skills, no matter the level of expertise or experience beforehand. She also brought her professional artistic experiences into our work in a way that was thoughtful and helpful as a graduate heading into a challenging theater arts climate. Her syllabi were also relevant, anti-colonialist, and critical of classical theater education in a way that allowed for us to learn and critique shared histories with rigor and liveliness. As a director, Emily had professional expectations of students and encouraged us to meet a level of work and creativity that felt incredible. The best thing about working with Emily, across the board, is the ease with which she meets students where they are and lifts them up to where they have the potential to be. I'm so grateful for the time she invested in me and my peers - without a doubt she helped us all become better, more holistic artists and people."


Ruby Daniel

BA Theatre, 2020

Whitman College



"I have had the opportunity to work with Emily at Whitman as both a student and an artistic collaborator-- in both cases I could not have asked for better mentorship. She brought a spirit of expertise and openness to courses in playwriting and American theatre, helping me to realize the potential of different forms. As a director, Emily also coached me through my first experience as a dramaturg. I won’t forget the faith she placed in me as a newcomer to this side of the production process, and I owe much of my success in the dramaturgical world to her patient, good-humored direction."


Miranda LaFond

BA Theatre, 2020

Whitman College


"Over a short amount of time, Emily managed to enrich my analytical and practical knowledge by encouraging me to feed my practice with theory and vice versa. Working alongside her in an ensemble production helped me grow as an artist and allowed me to observe the way she tackles issues as a director and as an educator; primarily ensuring that the work environment is pleasant and safe for all. Emily's courage to provoke and educate through the means of theatre continues to inspire me when creating my own work to this day."


Natalia Graczyk

Joint Honours, BA Film Production & Theatre, 2020

Brunel University London


"Though I only had a short period of time to benefit from Emily’s expertise, it was as meaningful as it was instructive. As a professor and mentor, Emily seeks to instill a rigorous sense of one’s own professional aspirations and marketable skills while constantly questioning and challenging the norms and structures of contemporary and classical theater. Her classes function as inclusive dialogues that prioritize student opinions and initiatives, inviting them to cultivate a deeper sense of their own intuition for analysis. It was and continues to be very refreshing and gratifying to witness Emily intentionally treat her students as equals and use her knowledge and experience to encourage students to truly believe in themselves and their own art."

Dani Schlenker

BA Theatre, 2019

Whitman College


"Emily was my first Acting professor in college and she definitely made an impact in my life. She pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to be more curious. She is so insightful and has such a great energy when she teaches. Emily gave me acting tools that I use to this day with every character I get to perform. I was fortunate enough to not only have her as a teacher but as a mentor as well. I was a production intern for square product theatre’s production of House of Gold and because of that experience, I consider her to be 'Theatre Wonder Woman.’ Not only is she a wonderful teacher, but also a dynamic actor, director, and artistic producer. She pays so much attention to detail, which ultimately translates into great productions that are thought-provoking. Spending time with Emily in the classroom as well as in the production process taught me how to be a more effective theatre collaborator, how to use my voice in a rehearsal room and how to successfully multitask if ever I decide to start my own theatre company. I am always looking forward for the next time that I get to work with her."

Mariana Mondragón

BFA Theatre Arts, 2019

Boston University

"My first theatre class, which drove me to pursue the major, was taught by Emily K. Harrison. She challenged me with new ideas and concepts I had never considered before as an actor. I had the pleasure of performing in two shows directed by Emily, in which I felt myself grow and become more open as a performer. My journey at the University of Colorado Boulder was greatly enriched and motivated by the teachings and inspiration Emily gave me."


 Katie Ross

BFA Performance, 2019

University of Colorado Boulder

"Emily K. Harrison was the director of the very first full theatre production I had ever been in, 44 Plays for 44 Presidents, at the University of Colorado Boulder. Throughout the rehearsal process, she was able to push us as a cast while still maintaining an incredibly lighthearted atmosphere (thanks to her numerous George Washington memes). After we closed the show, she encouraged and convinced me to audition for the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, something I did not believe I was capable of being cast in at all. That summer I received the acting internship with them, resulting in one of the greatest summers I had during my time in college. That would not have happened if Emily hadn't talked me into auditioning. I do not think I would have nearly as much confidence in myself as an actor if it weren't for Emily."

Michael Chen

BFA Performance, 2018

University of Colorado Boulder



“Emily taught me professional skills such as grant writing, compiling a CV and portfolio and creating marketing materials that I now use regularly as an independent artist, important tools that are literally the backbone of an artist’s work. Further, she provided me with opportunities to expand my thinking both as a creator of theater and an observer; to be able to look at performance from multiple social/political perspectives.” 

Racheli Mendelson

co-founder of The Human Theatre, Tel Aviv

BFA Performance and BA Peace Studies, 2013

Naropa University


“I owe much of my current passion for playwriting to Emily K. Harrison. In her playwriting course, she challenged us to explore less traditional strategies for creating new work. She inspired our creativity in a unique way, giving each student individual attention and encouraging each of us to develop our own style. After the class, she continued to encourage me to pursue playwriting. Since then, three of my plays have been produced as staged readings for public audiences.” 


Gina Lovell

BA Theatre Studies, 2013

University of Colorado Boulder


"As a WORKING actor in New York City, I cannot give enough praise to my time with Emily K. Harrison! During my freshman year, Emily’s acting class was the perfect introduction to acting. It was especially rewarding to have a working actor as our professor. She gave us tools to use that would not only help us in the classroom, but were tried and tested in professional theatre. I have also have had the pleasure of being directed by Emily both as a student and as a professional and can honestly say she has been my favorite director, hands down. She has an amazing ability to be hands on enough to be there when needed, but also gives the actor room to breathe and make their own discoveries. I have to quickly shoutout Emily’s use of Viewpoints which helped me dive deep into my characters and really create a product I was proud of. Both in the classroom and onstage, Emily K. Harrison gave me tools that I continue to use today. I envy anyone who has a chance to work with her in any capacity!"

Chanel Karimkhani

BFA Musical Theatre, 2012

University of the Arts

"During her time at Brunel Emily was admired by staff and students for her professionalism and teaching abilities. She is an excellent teacher with a wide range of skills. Emily settled into the life of the Theatre teaching team very quickly and became a valued member of the Department."

Meretta Elliott

Head of Department, Arts & Humanities

Brunel University London, UK

“My colleagues and I can nearly always identify students who have previously studied acting with Emily K. Harrison by their thoughtful attention to the meaning of a text as well as their keen sense of listening and observation. She is truly a uniquely talented individual, having had continued success within our department not only as an excellent teacher in various areas of theatre, but as a director and well established regional performer, creator, and producer of original work.” 


Tamara Meneghini, MFA

Associate Professor of Performance

BFA Performance Program

University of Colorado Boulder

Teaching Philosophy, Diversity and Inclusion Statement, and Sample Syllabi available upon request.

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