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SLAB, July 31-August 16, 2014

SLAB follows the story of Tiger, a plucky ex-stripper whose impoverished American existence is turned upside down after a hurricane destroys her town. As Tiger waits for salvation on the slab that is all that remains of her home, she begins to tell her story, her memories flashing to life before our eyes. Born of the debris of Hurricane Katrina, SLAB explores the essential human need to create narrative as a means of survival and transition, honoring what we can take with us when there is nothing else to take: our story.

adapted by Gleason Bauer & Emily K. Harrison from the novel by Selah Saterstrom

direction and production design by Gleason Bauer

featuring: Mark Collins, Lauren Dennis, Emily K. Harrison, Paige Lynn Larson, Hadley Mays, & Cage Sebastian Pierre

video design by Christina Battle; sound design by Janet Feder & Paul Fowler; lighting design by Jess Buttery

$20 general admission | $15 students | $17 seniors 2-for-1 general admission Preview & Thursdays! all seats $25 at the door (cash or check only).

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