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Things We Will Miss

meditations on the climate crisis

A collage-style, non-linear devised work exploring the (potential) ultimate demise of humankind as we approach a cliff, Things We Will Miss is a personal meditation on the climate crisis and the beauty and inevitability of impermanence.

Born of the debris of late-stage capitalism and driven by image, light, and sound rather than linear narrative, Things We Will Miss viscerally honors the grief and beauty, the horror and hope inherent in what it means to be alive in this very moment.

July 7-22, 2023

Carsen Theater @ The Dairy Arts Center2590 Walnut St., Boulder

directed by Emily K. Harrison

created by and featuring Savanna Arellano, Juliet Davidson, Del Gonzales, Emily K. Harrison, Nathaniel Klein, and Emma Miller

design by Jess Buttery and Emily K. Harrison in collaboration with the ensemble

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