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RIPE FRENZY: December 12-15, 2019

Harper Joy Theatre presents:

Ripe Frenzy

a new play by Jennifer Barclay

directed by Emily K. Harrison

This December, Whitman College's Harper Joy Theatre will produce Jennifer Barclay’s new play Ripe Frenzy, which takes place in Tavistown, N.Y. – a small, fictionalized town in upstate New York where the local high school holds the Guinness World Record for the most productions of Thornton Wilder's American classic, Our Town. On opening night of the school’s 40th production, a student opens fire on his classmates before turning the gun on himself, and members of the community are left to grapple with a radically new understanding of life in the town they have always called home. Time is slippery as the play submerges us in the before, during, and after of the shooting, using Our Town as a framework to examine what has become our new American norm. Told from the perspective of the mothers of the town, the play questions our own culpability in the perpetuation of mass shootings in our country.

8 p.m., Thursday, Friday, & Saturday, December 12-14

2 p.m., Saturday & Sunday, December 14-15

featuring performances by:

Ruby Daniel ('20), Lucy Evans-Rippy ('22), Rose Heising ('20), Joshua Meling ('22), and Eva Sullivan ('21)

Grace Sanwald ('21), Assistant Director

Miranda LaFond ('20), Dramaturg

Alyx Kruger ('22), Production Stage Manager

Sydney Bellon ('23), Assistant Stage Manager

Marilyn Schlanger ('23), Assistant Stage Manager

Lighting Design by Jess Buttery, square product theatre & the Denver School of the Arts

Costume Design by Leslie Stamoolis, Assistant Professor of Theatre & Dance, Gonzaga University

Projection Design by Emily K. Harrison and Jay Tyson ('21), including footage created by Jared Mizzochi, Assistant Professor of Theatre Design and Production, University of Maryland

Scenic Design by Jay Tyson ('21)

Sound Design by Evan Marks ('20)

Properties by Jay Tyson ('21) and Julia Etrusco ('23)

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