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She Rode to the Glue Factory.

Reviews are in for for She Rode Horses Like the Stock Exchange!

"This one-act comedy is an exercise in absurdity, and considering the subject matter, the form is entirely appropriate. A decade after the crisis, the crookedness behind the financial implosion still feel cartoonish and unreal. square product theatre's careful take on Roper's material, however, shows that the attitudes behind the crimes don't seem all that far removed. We're still living in a society where greed is the norm, and this show brings that reality home with laughs and ridiculousness. It's a bit terrifying." Read Adam Goldstein's full review in The Daily Camera

"What happens in this ninety-minute play is primarily talk — precise and specific, absurdist, occasionally tantalizingly evocative, occasionally a cover for things unsaid...a smart, funny and entertaining production." Read Juliet Wittman's full review in Westword

"A talented cast gleans much humor from this awkward situation...The moral differences in the actions of all are revealed cautiously, as though they are still being judged. In the meantime, the audience is getting a big kick out of seeing the awkward minuet because we—living in the future—know how this little chunk of history played out...You can always count on square product to provide, through humor, a thought-provoking evening of theater. This one is no exception."

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