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She Rode Horses Like the Stock Exchange: April 20-May 13, 2017

square product theatre presents She Rode Horses Like the Stock Exchange, a new play by Amelia Roper at the Dairy Arts Center. directed by Niki Tulk and featuring performances by Emily K. Harrison, Andrew Horsford, Jihad Milhem, and Michelle Moore

In a “nice” New England park, on a “nice” New England street, two “nice” New England couples try very, very hard to be “nice” to each other, as the crippling Global Financial Crisis gallops into town. Amelia Roper's She Rode Horses Like the Stock Exchange is an absurdly funny, poignant, and terrifying ride through downsized, foreclosed America. performance schedule:

8 p.m., 4/20*

7:30 p.m., 4/21*, 4/22, 4/28, 5/1^, 5/3*, 5/4*, 5/6, 5/11, 5/13

4 p.m., 4/29*

6 p.m., 5/7 Tickets: $24 general admission; $15 students; $18 seniors *2-for-1 tickets! ^all seats $15 on 5/1 Tickets available at: or 303-444-7328

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